Repair Services

Repair Services

Valve Refurbishment

Schutte & Koerting provides repair and reburbishment of S&K valves. Valve bodies are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired and painted to meet customer’s specifications. Valves are restored back to original condition and specifications to extend valve performance. S&K valve service and repair supports the refinery, chemical and petrochemical, power generation, utility and large manufacturing industries.

Valve Types

Valve Inspection

All valves undergo comprehensive inspection and repair. Customer is supplied with recommendations and complete test results.

Routine Repair Services May Include:

➤ Dismantling, Cleaning and Inspection
Every valve is initially dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. Each part is then thoroughly inspected for adequate wall thickness, pitting, worn or corroded parts according to the Quality Standard for Steel Castings and original tolerances.

➤ Specification Checks
As the components of each valve are reassembled, new packing and gaskets are selected according to customer specification if given or otherwise, according to the pressure and temperature requirements of the valve.

➤ Machining Seats
The seating surface of each type of valve is inspected for integrity and proper alignment before being polished to ensure a tight seal. If required, new seats can be installed during repair.

➤ Lapping Seats
Metal-to-metal contact is necessary for proper valve shut-off. Any leaking valve should be serviced at the first sign of problems. If left unattended, the valve will eventually no longer be usable. To assure that the valve will shut off tightly it is necessary to lap the disc to the seat ring with a fine abrasive compound.

➤ Valve Packing
Valve packing is contained in the valve bonnet and is required to prevent media leakage into the valve - past the valve stem and is performed as per customer’s specifications. Stemless valves such as check valves do not require valve packing. The form of packing is dependent on valve type.

➤ Bolt Torquing
Bolting is inspected and replaced, if necessary. Bolt torquing is returned to original pressure setting specifications.

Testing and Certification
All valves are tested and certified to original specifications. These requirements include, but are not limited to, a high-pressure closure and shell test with water. The shell test is made with both parts of the valve closed, the valve partially closed, and the packing gland tight.

Final Preparation, Identification and Inspection
High temperature aluminum painting of the valve body protects the valve from external corrosion. The valve is painted in the closed position and drain taps are fitted with thread protectors. Internal non-painted parts are treated with a rust inhibitor. The end connections of each valve are fitted with flange or butt-weld end protectors. Identification tags may also be provided per customer's request.

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