Valves Overview

Industrial Valve line

S&K Valves are designed to give minimum pressure loss consistent with the type of valve and service conditions. Full channel areas, partitions included in the direction of flow, elimination of obstruction guides through body and seat, and ample disc lift, all contribute to a low pressure drop for normal flow rates based on valve size.

With more than 100 years’ experience in research, design, and construction in the valve industry, S&K continues to support the thousands of custom Valves currently in the field and continues to manufacture Valves to the process and power industries.

Valve Refurbishment

Valve Types

Check Valve

(prevent backflow in steam, air, or water lines. Used extensively in extraction lines from steam turbines, feedwater heaters, heating systems, process equipment, lines from heat exchangers and auxiliaries to nuclear reactors)

Throttle Trip Valve

(dual function valves that control flow to steam turbines during start-up and shut-down and provide emergency protection by closing automatically and instantaneously when a trip condition is detected)

Three-Way Valve

(two-position valves designed to divert flow from one pipeline to another)

Dual Plug Valve

(typically used to divert, restrict or completely shut off flow in oil cooler in power plant applications)

Pressure Relief Valve

(quick-opening, quick-closing valves used to protect equipment from gas pressure build up or pressure surges)

General Applications:

Reverse flow prevention in process line; Turbine protection as bleeder non-return valves for electric utilities; Feedwater heater bypass; Steam turbine start-up and shut-down; Steam turbine emergency protection; Isolation of oil coolers in power plant systems; Equipment protection from over-pressurization; System protection from pressure surges.