Steam Jet Vacuum Systems


Steam Jet Ejectors are used in the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food, power, steel and allied industries in connection with such operations as filtration, distillation and evaporation, absorption, mixing, vacuum packaging, freeze drying, flash cooling, deaerating, dehydrating and degassing to name just a few. They will handle both condensable and non-condensable gases and vapors as well as mixtures of the two. Small amounts of solids or liquids will not adversely affect performance. 

The principal feature of the Barometric Condenser is that injection water may be discharged through a tail pipe by gravity, without requiring a pump. The Barometric Condenser is employed in a variety of industries as an economical means of removing air, exhaust steam, and other vapors from vacuum equipment.

Steam Jet Vacuum Systems Types

➤ Single-Stage Steam Jet Ejector
(handle both condensable and non-condensable gases and vapors as well as mixtures of the two where small amounts of solids or liquids will not cause operating problems)

➤ Multi-Stage Steam Jet Ejector
(staging of ejectors becomes necessary for economical operation as the absolute suction pressure decreases)

➤ Multi-Jet Barometric Condenser
(simplest design of all barometric condensers, and requires no auxiliary air pump or pre-cooler and used where load conditions are constant and there is little air leakage)

➤ Multi-Jet Spray Type Barometric Condenser
(employed where large capacities are required and where wide fluctuations in water temperature or steam load occur)

➤ Multi-Spray Barometric Condenser
(developed primarily to solve condensing problems where water supply is limited, where water temperatures are high in relation to vacuum requirements, or where a large volume of non-condensables must be removed)

➤ Counter-Current Barometric Condenser
(where water supply is limited or an excessive amount of non-condensables requires the use of a separate vacuum pump, and local conditions necessitate a side vapor inlet)

General Applications:

Filtration; Distillation; Impregnation; Absorption; Drying; Degassing; Dehydration; Evacuating; Cooking; Evaporating; Vacuum transfer; Chilling; Removing condensate under vacuum; Exhausting air from vacuum pans and evaporators; Priming centrifugal pumps; Handle air or other gases at suction pressures as low as three microns hg. abs.; Decarbonating brewery water; Creating chemical process vacuums; Water treating by degasifying; Used in degassing molten steel; Perfume concentration; Distillation; Vacuum packaging; Freeze drying; Flash cooling; Typical Five Stage Steam Jet Ejector; Steel degassing; Chemical distillation; Distillation and evaporation

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