Steam Jet Heaters

Figure 340 Simplex Pipeline Heater with liquid and steam inlets

Simplex Heater

Principle of Operation

Fig. 340 Simplex Continuous Pipeline Steam Jet Heater combines liquid under pressure with steam at a higher pressure. Pressurized liquid enters the heater and flows through an in-line perforated combining tube concentric to the diffuser. Steam enters the heater and passes into the combining tube, and intimately mixes with the liquid in the tube and venturi. The steam completely condenses and heats the liquid. The mixture discharges at no loss in liquid pressure.


The Fig. 340 Simplex Continuous Pipeline Steam Jet Heater is a simple, yet efficient device for low-cost, in-line heating of process liquid by direct steam injection.The straight through in-line design minimizes clogging. Simplex Continuous Pipeline Steam Jet Heaters have a low initial cost, no moving parts, are easy to install and require little or no maintenance.


For more detailed information about Simplex Heaters, Bulletin 3A Literature.

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