Steam Jet Heaters

Quiet Heaters

Quiet Heaters are classified as "open tank heaters" and used to quietly heat, circulate and mix liquids in open tanks. These units can be made in a variety of castable materials to meet various corrosive conditions.

Principle of Operation

Figure 301 Quiet Heaters are designed to heat liquids in tanks by condensing steam in the liquid and by causing circulation of the steam-heated liquid within the tank. These heaters employ entrained atmospheric air to reduce the loud noise usually associated with the introduction of steam into cold liquids.

Figure 301 Quiet Heater sectional drawing


Figure 301 Quiet Heaters have a low initial cost, have no moving parts, are easy to install, require little or no maintenance, mix as well as heat, give complete heat exchange between steam and liquid, and are quiet in operation.


For more detailed information about Quiet Heaters, Bulletin 3A Literature.

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