Steam Jet Heaters

Circulating Heaters

Circulating Heaters are classified as "open tank heaters" that entrain suction liquids using two high-velocity steam flows issuing through a double nozzle. This composite nozzle has a short annular suction jet designed to draw liquids into the heater. It also has a longer center jet used to force liquids from the heater. The heated liquid exits the heater at high velocities imparting vigorous circulation and good agitation to the tank liquid.

Figure 315A Circulating Heater sectional drawing with alternate steam connection

Principle of Operation

Figure 315 Circulating Heaters are recommended for use where heating and strong directional circulating action in open tanks are required. This heater must be submerged in the liquid it heats. Only one pipe, for steam, is needed.


Figure 315 Circulating Heaters, because of their good agitating and circulating characteristics, can augment or replace mechanical agitators while enhancing heat transfer. Strong directional flow enables efficient heating of irregular tanks with dead spots that a resistance or bayonet heater cannot reach.


For more detailed information about Circulating Heaters, Bulletin 3A Literature.

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