Steam Jet Heaters

Sparger Nozzles

Sparger Nozzles are classified as "open tank heaters" that entrain suction liquids using a high-velocity steam issuing through a nozzle. The condensing steam and heated suction liquid are thoroughly mixed in the diffuser. Agitation occurring in the diffuser breaks up the steam bubbles to give a quiet operation. The high discharge velocity from the diffuser enhances circulation.

Figure 314 Sparger Nozzle sectional drawing showing how they are threaded into distribution piping

Principle of Operation

Figure 314 Sparger Nozzles are designed to be submerged in the liquid to be heated. Heaters of this type are recommended for use in cases where it is desired to start heating from a shallow level, where uniform agitation and heating is required over a large, shallow tank area, where steam pressures are low, and where solids in the liquid might tend to clog the small passages in other type heaters.


Figure 314 Sparger Nozzles, because of their good agitating and circulating characteristics, can augment or replace mechanical agitators while enhancing heat transfer. Like other jet equipment, they are inexpensive and require little maintenance in comparison with the equipment they can replace. This is particularly noticeable in applications requiring special corrosion-resistant materials.


For more detailed information about Sparger Nozzles, Bulletin 3A Literature.

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