Scrubbers Overview

The use of scrubbers for control of air pollution has gained wide acceptance throughout the industry.  Particulate collectors such as cyclones and electrostatic precipitators cannot efficiently absorb gases or remove odors.

Scrubber System Types

Ejector Venturi Gas Scrubber

(effective at removing noxious gases, particulates, odors, fumes and dusts from gas streams and are better able to cope with high temperatures and heavy contaminant loads than other scrubbers – no fan usually needed)

Vent Gas Scrubber System

(compact, lightweight and easy-to-install unit designed for economical and effective control of pollution from low volume sources)

High Energy Venturi Scrubber System

(designed to remove fine micron and submicron particulate from industrial and commercial effluent gases)

Packed Tower Gas Scrubber

(provides most efficient removal and absorption of noxious gases, performs best when gases to be handled are free of particles)

Venturi Chamber Scrubber System

(particularly suitable for large total capacities and horizontal installation and will handle condensable or absorbable gases and gases with solids)

Packaged Scrubber

(includes recycle pump, instruments, piping as required to suit customer’s needs, eliminating the burden of system design)

Scrubber Separator System

(entrains and scrubs large volumes of gas containing fumes, vapors, noxious gases, dusts, odors or particulates, and vent clean, dry gas to the atmosphere – compactness and design simplicity permits installation in difficult to reach areas)

General Applications:

Storage tank vent emission treatment; Industrial process toxic by-product removal; Emergency venting; Acid gas removal; Odor treatment; Dust removal; Ammonia scrubbing; Chlorine gas scrubbing and HCI gas scrubbing; Sulfur dioxide scrubbing; Particulate removal; Lime dust removal from storage vents; Combustion off-gas treatment; Chlorine and HCI removal; Water soluble VOC scrubbing; Ammonia removal; SO2 and/or H2S removal; Treatment of laboratory off-gases; Scrubbing of metal treating emissions; Acid gas scrubbing; As part of a multi unit system in removing sulphur monochloride; Used to remove HCL fumes during tank venting; First stage in an ammonia scrubbing/recovery system.