Return Materials Authorization

Schutte & Koerting provides repair, refurbishment, replacement, and inspection services of S&K product.

Contact Schutte & Koerting before returning any product. All material returned is subject to inspection prior to acceptance. Material received without proper documentation will be placed in a holding area or returned to customer until required paperwork is provided.

All product returned to Schutte & Koerting must be accompanied by an RM Number. To obtain an RM Number, contact the Service & Repair Department. Be prepared to provide information about the product to be returned. When necessary, S&K equipment may need to be cleaned and decontaminated before being returned to Schutte & Koerting. U.S. Federal Safety Regulations require that all material returned be accompanied by a Decontamination Certificate.

Repair and Refurbishment Services

Repair or refurbish product that may have been damaged or need to be restored back to original condition and specifications. When ordering repair or refurbishment services be sure to give all the data on the product reference plate, the number of the sectional illustration, and piece list. Also, the name and number of the parts required as numbered and described, if available.

Replacement or Credit

Product that needs to be returned for replacement or credit. Order Number and date purchased will be required. Product must be in new, undamaged and unused condition. Stock product must be returned within 30 days of order date and is subject to a 20% re-stocking fee. Non-stock product is not returnable. No exceptions.

Inspection Services

In critical service conditions where it may be required that equipment meet exact specifications and comply with safety codes and regulations. Provide original order information such as Order Number, Purchase Order Number, Part Number.