The History of Schutte and Koerting

Schutte & Koerting was founded in 1876 by Dr. Ernst Koerting and Mr. L. Schutte who formed a partnership under the name L. Schutte and Company. The first location of L. Schutte and Company was a rented building at Tenth Street and Columbia Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The company’s first product, the double tube injector, was quickly followed by other products based on the same principle. The first eductor condenser was patented in 1882 and, a short time later, the company developed and built the first high-pressure valve (250 lbs.) ever made in this country. In 1892, due to rapid expansion and a growing line of products the factory was moved to Twelfth and Thompson Streets in Philadelphia, a location it was to occupy for 58 years.

In 1903, the company was incorporated under the name, Schutte and Koerting Company. A new factory was erected in 1913 at a site in Cornwells Heights (later to be known as Bensalem) in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. In 1915, the first thermocompressor was designed and manufactured to recover and reuse the available heat contained in low pressure or waste steam.

At present, Schutte & Koerting has over a century of experience designing and manufacturing a wide variety of jet ejector equipment and valves for the power and process industries. S&K offers more than 50 different types of steam, liquid, and gas ejectors. S&K’s design engineers are experts at solving the most challenging vacuum process requirements. The company’s ability to integrate technology into existing systems, to design and manufacture complete systems, and to design both standard product and custom engineered solutions is unrivaled.

The company achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2004 and continually undergoes comprehensive and rigorous assessments to ensure that its process and organization meets defined standards of quality. ISO standards are the benchmark for quality and are recognized worldwide – covering all aspects of business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service. It’s additional proof of the company’s commitment to quality and to its customers.

The current product line includes many forms of jet ejectors, eductors, condensers, valves, nozzles, desuperheaters, thermo-compressors, gas scrubbers, multi-stage vacuum systems, throttle trip valves and non-return valves.

S&K serves the Chemical, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Food, Pulp and Paper, Power, Metal Refining, Water, Custody Transfer, and Wastewater Treatment industries, among others.

S&K sales representatives are located worldwide, and throughout the world the company’s reputation for high quality is well known and respected.