Eductors & Syphons

Figure 235 Annular Multi-Nozzle Eductor with sil-brazed connection

Annular Multi-Nozzle Eductor

Principle of Operation

Fig. 235 Annular Multi-Nozzle Water Jet Eductors are designed to handle solids and semi-solids. Nozzles on the periphery of the throat introduce the pressure water. The pressure water creates a vacuum which draws in and entrains the material being handled and all flow discharges through the discharge connection. All suction flow is in a straight line through the eductor.


Fig. 235 Annular Multi-Nozzle Eductors operate at highest efficiency in large sizes and at low discharge heads. Because these eductors have high air handling capacities, they are particularly well suited for priming large pumps such as dredging pumps which frequently encounter air pockets.


For more detailed info about Annular Multi-Nozzle Eductors, Bulletin 2M & Bulletin 2M Supp. Literature.

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