Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater

Principle of Operation

Figure 6970 Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater with water re-cycle arrangement

Fig. 6970 and Fig. 6972 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheaters serve a wide range of applications.

Fig. 6970 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheaters are recommended for use where sufficient high-pressure steam is available to provide the atomizing steam supply. The most frequent application would be in combination reducing-desuperheating stations where flow rates vary widely. Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheaters utilize steam at higher than line pressure to atomize water. In the Fig. 6970 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater, the ejector action is used to entrain condensate from the pipeline.  

The Fig. 6972 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater is a Fig. 6970 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater without the recycle arrangement.

Figure 6972 Ejector Atomizing Desuperheater without water re-cycle arrangement


Low initial cost. Turndown ratios as high as 50 to 1 and greater can be achieved with the Fig. 6970 Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheaters only. There are no moving parts, a thermal sleeve is not required and no special pipe support is needed.


For more detailed information about Steam Ejector Atomizing Desuperheaters, Bulletin 6D & Bulletin 6D Supp. Literature.

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