Attemperator Desuperheater

Principle of Operation

Figure 6952 Attemperator Desuperheater where atomized water discharges directly into the pipeline

Fig. 6952 and Fig. 6953 Attemperator Desuperheaters reduce steam temperature by bringing superheated steam into direct contact with water. The steam is cooled through the evaporation of the water. Fig. 6952 and Fig. 6953 Attemperator Desuperheaters can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and are normally used for relatively steady load conditions where pressure losses must be minimized. These desuperheaters are a modification of the venturi-type unit, without the venturi tail, and offer increased turndown when mounted vertically up. While it is less costly and has negligible pressure losses, it normally does not have the rangeability of the venturi-type unit.

Figure 6953 Attemperator Desuperheater with flanged connections


Units can be installed in either horizontal or vertical position. There are no moving parts, no special pipe supporting required, and no thermal sleeve requirements. Water pressure need only equal steam line pressure.


For more detailed information about Attemperator Desuperheaters, Bulletin 6D & Bulletin 6D Supp. Literature.

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