Dual Plug Valves

  • Versatile design
  • Virtually maintenance free

Dual Plug Valves, also known as cock or stop-cock valves are typically used in both on/off and throttling services.

The simple design consists of three parts: the body, cover and plug. The plug is a cylindrical device that can be raised or lowered within the seat to maintain, restrict, or completely shut off flow.

S&K Dual Plug Valves are mounted between two oil coolers inside the reservoir tank. The valve is piped to the system inlet and outlet and to inlet and outlet ports on both coolers. During operation only one cooler is in operation and the other cooler is isolated. The valve is rotated to select operation on the desired cooler.

Dual Plug Valves are extremely versatile valves that are used in low-pressure sanitary and industrial applications, especially petroleum pipelines, chemical processing, and power plants, among others. They are high capacity valves that can be used for directional flow control even in moderate vacuum systems. Dual Plug Valves can safely and efficiently handle gas and liquid fuel, and extreme temperature flow such as boiler feed water, condensate as well as to regulate flow of liquids slurries.

Dual Plug Valves